Affordable Housing
Housing Development

Montana is facing a housing crisis. Big Sky and Bozeman have been especially hard-hit by the shortage of housing units that are affordable on a middle-class or working class income. Yet in the most recent legislative session, our representatives passed a bill that would strip away local control over housing issues.


That's the wrong approach. We should be empowering local governments to take the initiative on housing affordability issues, not throwing up barriers. Our local governments need the full set of tools to be available to them to tackle the housing crisis. And those decisions should be made locally - the housing policies that work for Bozeman probably don't meet the needs of Box Elder or Billings. 

Health Care
Doctor Checking a Form

We need to make sure Montanans have access to adequate health insurance coverage, and that we lower regulatory burdens to staying on that health insurance coverage.


In the most recent legislative session, legislators passed a bill that would make it more burdensome for people currently on Medicaid to retain their coverage. Adding more red tape to the process of keeping health coverage could result in thousands being kicked off their insurance.


Not only will this bill be devastating to the 100,000 Montanans who currently rely on Medicaid for care, this could severely harm rural hospitals and doctors. Rural hospitals provide a lifeline of critical care to people all across the state, and we should be doing everything we can to preserve them. 

In the midst of a pandemic, it is more important than ever that we make sure all people have access to affordable health care. Our neighbors losing coverage means we end up shouldering the burden when uninsured people end up in the emergency room.  

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Montana has a tremendous opportunity with the new federal infrastructure bills to improve economic infrastructure in our state. This may include things like roads, bridges, parks, and high speed internet that can attract more businesses to our state.

As someone working in the high tech sector, Michelle understands the importance of investing in high speed internet and other infrastructure in order to attract well-paying jobs to the area.

Another issue really holding people back from working is a lack of affordable childcare. If it costs more to have someone watch the kids than a parent would earn by rejoining the workforce, they're not going to take one of the many job openings available right now. Childcare is another thing we could invest in by using the federal infrastructure money. 

Building a good foundation is critical to building an economy where well-paying employers will want to come to Bozeman and Big Sky.